How I Had to Disconnect to Reconnect and Reclaim my Glow

How I Had to Disconnect to Reconnect and Reclaim my Glow

Whew, Glowsentials has made it a year and you guys, my faithful customers, have made it all possible. But let me keep it real, it has not been easy. There have been many days that I have questioned if I was built for this. Whether or not I was built for the constant changes in the skincare world that I thought I had to keep up with or the fear that the individuality of my business would be compromised by others in this industry. I was so busy making sure that you ladies, and gents, are glowing, that I let my own personal glow dim a bit. Recently, Beyoncé interviewed with Elle magazine and she spoke of how making herself a priority was literally her last priority. She quoted, "I think like many women, I have felt the pressure of being the backbone of my family and company and I didn't realize how much that takes a toll on my mental and physical well-being." Y'all, I could have thrown my phone at the screen if I wasn't already utilizing it to read this article because I resonated with what she said to the core. I had to get it together and get it together quick. So I set out on a journey to get my glow back, and it started with just getting away for a hot second. Let me tell y'all all about it!. 

I'm sure everyone has their own way of getting back to themselves, but for me, I must totally disconnect to reconnect and start over. Kind of like giving myself a clean slate to start fresh. I began to research places to go where I can totally forget about work, being a mom, and duties back at home. I came across the Getaway Cabins in Suches, GA and immediately knew this is where I wanted to spend a couple of days leading up to my 1 year anniversary. It was a tiny cabin ducked off in the Chattahoochee National Forest, nestled on a tiny lake, and equipped with everything needed to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. There was absolutely no cell service and nothing but the beauty of nature surrounding you, engulfing you to take a moment and appreciate all the things that preceded us before our existence. I'll spare the act of writing any further details because the experience was quite inexplicable. Instead, I'll just give you all a link so you can explore the greatness of your next getaway yourself. What I will tell y'all is that it is the most serene place to relax and reconnect with God, yourself, and/or your partner. The highlight of my getaway was waking up every morning to the sun beaming right on my face. As if it were God letting me know that I was in the right place at the right time. I received so much confirmation on this getaway that I was not seeking, but I'll get into that at a later time on another blog post. I'll say this and end this introductory blog post, because a part of glowing is also getting your rest chile, but pay attention to yourself! You are your biggest asset so take care of you...mind, body, and spirit. Figure out what you need to flourish and give yourself exactly that daily. I did just that, and now I'm ready to tackle year two with you guys!

Until next time sunshines, 

Drink your water, mind your business, and use your Glowsentials!


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